A Treasury of Glorious Goddesses

Lively middle grade novels written in the first person, A Treasury of Glorious Goddesses brings to life mythologies from around the world. Each story is told through the eyes of the goddess, in a fun and intimate first-person voice. Although all works of fiction, the books are inspired by ancient myths.

A non-fiction section at the end of each book provides cultural context and fascinating details on the mythology, customs, history, and geography encountered in the story.

In line with the Common Core goal of teaching young readers how to analyze which parts of a text are based on fact and which on fiction, a “Myth, Fact, or Fiction?” section provides an illuminating look at how each chapter was constructed.

Books in this series:
Call Me Isis—Egyptian Goddess of Magic
Call Me Athena—Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Call Me Ixchel—Mayan Goddess of the Moon

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