The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Dastardly Dames

Goosebottom Books’ second series, The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Dastardly Dames, explores the lives of some of the most fascinating women in history, each of whom got labeled with a terrible nickname.

While satisfying tweens’ tastes for something a little darker, the series also appeals to its readers’ powers of analysis and sense of fairness—asking if these women’s nicknames were just.

Each woman’s story is presented in rich historical and cultural context, with gorgeous original gouache paintings by Peter Malone, as well as photographs of artifacts, reproductions of archival paintings, maps, and timelines.

Named one of the Top Ten Nonfiction Series for Youth 2012 by the American Library Association, and winner of an Independent Publishers’ Book Awards Silver Medal.

Books in this series:
Cleopatra "Serpent of the Nile"
Agrippina "Atrocious and Ferocious"
Mary Tudor "Bloody Mary"
Catherine de' Medici "The Black Queen"
Njinga “The Warrior Queen”
Marie Antoinette "Madame Deficit"
Cixi "The Dragon Empress"

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