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The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Real Princesses

Qutlugh Terkan Khatun of Kirman

In what could be a tale from the Arabian Nights, a girl grows up in thirteenth century Persia to be so desirable that she is kidnapped several times for her beauty. She finds refuge at last in the arms of a prince, who marries her and makes her a princess. With him she rules a nation, and proves so wise that, on his death, the people ask her to continue as their sovereign. At the end of her long reign she is remembered above all for her kindness and compassion.

Richly illustrated and narrated with humor, this book brings to life the story of Qutlugh Terkan Khatun, a real and remarkable princess who brought her people a golden age of peace and prosperity.

Independent Publishers’ Book Awards Silver Medal

Series: The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Real Princesses
ISBN: 978-0-9845098-3-6

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