Just in: New writing competition to be James Patterson’s next co-author!

A competition was just announced that will be very appealing to some of you. There are no entry fees, but you must take James Patterson’s video writing course. (I know about this because I took James Patterson’s writing course and, literary snob that I am, I was chagrined to have definitely learnt from it.)

In any case, it’s just been announced that students are eligible to enter a competition to win cash prizes and the chance to be picked as his next co-author. Here are the details. Interviews with his current co-authors are part of the course. It doesn’t look like a bad life if you enjoy writing mysteries. Entries close March 22nd.

For short story writers, Glimmer Train has three competitions closing in February and March: Short Story Award for New Writers; Very Short Fiction; and their Fiction Open. Glimmer Train is one of the few highly respected literary magazines (they usually make it into the annual America’s Best Short Storiesanthology) who actively look for previously unpublished writers.

Last but not least, most writing residencies are likewise closed to new writers, but the Djerassi Resident Artists Program is not. They advertise that they would like to mix emerging and established artists. Residencies are one month room and board, either in a shared Artists’ House with rooms especially designed for writers, or in your own cabin (pictured here), designed to give you visual and audial privacy. Applications close on March 15, 2016 for a residency in 2017.

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A reading fee does not invalidate a competition. Glimmer Train, for example, charges modest reading fees and are very reputable. But for those of you looking for free competitions, here is a searchable list.

Good luck, and happy writing!