Tricks and treats for writers

6444ecb8-70e8-4198-91f9-607693c6d40bHere’s a quick round-up as we head into the silly season:

For those of you interested in the quickly changing publishing industry, here’s a great documentary with an international perspective that explores how some bookstores and publishers are changing their approach to the publishing game. (Thank you, Elizabeth Lee, for flagging this for other list-serve members.) If you’d like a personal guide to creating your own publishing strategy, I’m starting a three-week Writing Salon workshop in November, entitled Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

For YA authors, Serendipity Literary Agency are collaborating with Source Books to offer a YA Discovery Contest. Details about the five prizes and Grand Prize are rather vague, but every entry is read by the agency, and the top 20 by some well established editors, and this is the seventh year they’ve been running the contest, and, well, it’s co-sponsored by Source Books, so… Good luck!

While we’re still on MG/YA, I have a class starting in November at the Writing Salon in Berkeley. This is my favorite class to teach, so I hope you’ll consider joining us. If all you want is some MG/YA authors to write with, check out this MeetUp.

For those of you who write general fiction, Serendipity Literary Agency are calling for fiction submissions. So, see? You’re not left out. November is also time to submit to Glimmer Train’s Family Matters contest. And next month is one of only two months when they accept “standard” fiction submissions.

And finally, some congratulations are in order:
To Laurin Mayeno for the launch of her picture book.
To Cathleen Young for landing a six-figure deal on her first MG.
And to Avery Moore for making some promising ripples in Hollywood with his New Adult.

All three are editing clients of mine, so this is dastardly self-promotion. Bwah-ha-ha! And on that Halloween note, if you can tell me what’s in the jars, I’ll send you chocolate.

Trick or treat—and happy writing!


P.S. After this was first posted, Cathleen Young very generously sent through this testimonial:

Here’s what I love about working with Shirin Bridges. First of all, she has a wonderful sense of humor. Second, she is an incredibly talented editor. (And writer!) She has an uncanny ability to see exactly where you are in the process of writing a novel—and shaping her comments to keep you progressing. If you’re just starting out, she focuses on what you’re trying to say. As you get further along, she starts honing in on character and structure. And she asks a lot of questions. Of course, they’re not REALLY questions, because she already has the answer. But she knows how to ask questions that penetrate your brain to get results. I will never forget when she said to me, “Can’t Billie LEARN something?” She was referring to my main character and she made me see where I was falling short. I highly recommend Shirin. And get on her schedule ASAP. Don’t be like me and wait until the last minute….because then you have to twiddle your thumbs while you wait for your turn in the queue! She’s that good.