A real-life glimpse at the power of conferences

As many of you know, I’m enthusiastic about conferences when I teach, calling them the only publishing short cut there is (if you’re not Hollywood celebrity or British royalty). I’m about to pick up this refrain again in  An Author’s Guide to Publishing at Stanford, and Publishing Bootcamp at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference. And I got to thinking, how can I prove what I claim?

I decided to diagram some of the relationships I’ve developed because of retreats and conferences—either by meeting somebody directly at a conference, or because somebody who was met by someone else at a conference was eventually introduced to me.  I think you’ll find it heartening to see how many previously unpublished authors got incorporated into this publishing web, and how many times cash and services changed hands.

Now, bear in mind that this is only a small subset of all the wonderful connections I’ve made through conferences and retreats, both in the U.S. and abroad.  I really do believe that retreats and conferences can enrich and propel your writing career as it has mine.

So saying, check out these upcoming West Coast offerings. But be brisk—some of these registrations are closing soon!

Association of Writers and Writing Programs, March 30-April 2

Santa Barbara Writers Conference, June 5-10

Squaw Valley Writers Conference, June 18-25

Napa Valley Writers Conference, July 24-29

Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, August 4-7

Willamette Writers Conference, August 12-14

Write On The Sound, September 30-October 2

Happy writing, retreating, and conferencing!