Good bye to 2014 – A Goose Song

This is going to be the shortest post ev-ah — quite simply because I have to go to bed. But it’s my last chance to wish you a happy new year — all 1000+ of you, most of whom I suspect might hail from Russia.

No matter. If you are seriously following this blog in hopes of learning something about writing and publishing in this strange new digital world, this is a valid learning: that your blogs get followed by people with the strangest email addresses. You can spend time wondering who these people are, or you can think: when I pitch my new novel, I can say I have an opt-in mailing list of…well, 1,673 to be precise.

My most important task tonight is to announce a change for 2015.
In the new year, I am going to begin work on my new novel. So, this blog is going to be framed around that experience. This is going to become a step-by-step process blog, something like Julia Powell for Novelists. Let’s hope for the success of Julie & Julia.

It’s going to start on January 13th.  I hope to “see” you then. And in the mean time, from New Zealand to Spain (that’s an antipodal pair, by the way — the antipodal point to Moscow was somewhere in the blue, blue sea), happy, happy new year!

All the best for 2015. Honk honk!