Susan Lyn McCombs

Editor Goose

Susan Lyn McCombs began working with children’s book manuscripts, authors, and illustrators over eight years ago at Tricycle Press (where she soon discovered a gem of a manuscript written by future Goosebottom-book author Natasha Yim.) As a freelance editor, Susan motivates authors, helping them to tap into their excitement for writing, find the meaning within their stories, and uncover their best storytelling skills.

Susan has an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing. She has written American history stories for children for the Library of Congress website, gold rush and ghost stories for Sasquatch Press, and essays about her travels around the world for Travelers Tales, Inc. While teaching English in Thailand, Susan lived in a tiny hut where her students would sometimes visit on her even tinier front porch and tell their favorite folktales and bedtime stories, which inspired her to tell her own stories and help others tell theirs.

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