• ALA Top 10 Nonfiction Series!

    Queen of France, Catherine de' Medici would do anything to
    keep her family in power, including using poison and black magic.
    A nation-wide killing spree during her rule earned her the name,
    The Black Queen. But was she really that bad? Read More

  • IRA Children's Choices Winner!

    Watch ten historical ghosts appear from these pages in the latest augmented reality. Blow into your mic to fill the sails of the Flying Dutchman…watch the Headless Horseman ride out of your page
    …chant her name to summon Bloody Mary in the mirror. Read More

  • Common Core Anchor Text!

    The young, pretty queen who is remembered for supposedly uttering,
    “Let them eat cake,” Marie Antoinette had fun and spent money on
    beautiful things, while her people starved. But was she as heartless as
    everyone believed?

    Chosen by Common Core Inc. as an anchor text in World History, Grades 3-5. Read More

  • Amelia Bloomer Feminist Book!

    In a twist on the classic fairy tale, a princess refused to wait for a prince but instead chose one for herself. The partnership she made was a happy one. And, without Isabella and her prince Ferdinand, both Spain and America would not be what they are now. Read More

  • CRA Eureka Award Winner!

    The Queen of England, Mary Tudor believed fervently that Catholicism should be the religion of the land, leading her to burn at the stake hundreds of Protestants. Was she just a ruler of her times, or did she deserve the name, Bloody Mary? Read More

  • Junior Library Guild Selection!

    Her name was Hatshepsut, and she was the first female pharaoh.
    How did she make Egypt so rich? And did she come to be buried,
    like Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings? Read More

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